Lauren Jorden

Found it deeply relaxing

The yin yoga and reiki drumming workshop I attended was wonderful. I found it deeply relaxing and Natalie’s teaching was so clear and calm. I’ve been using what I learnt on the day for a gentle home practice. Ending the workshop with reiki drumming made it incredibly special. Really Looking forward to the next workshop! x


Zoe Younger

Couldn’t recommend enough!

What an incredible journey that Natalie puts you through, totally enlightening, blissfully calming and peaceful, a way of finding yourself again and re-balancing and re-energising. Completely recommended for everybody with beautiful touches of incense and Reiki Drums from her partner James!!!!
James and his Drum are the most incredible find, healing you from inside, releasing all negative energy, you are floating on the top of the sea bringing all your emotions to the surface to then be dispersed with the waves. Healing not just broken bones or physical areas of pain but internal confusions too. Fantastic medicine for a fast paced ski worker community, couldn’t recommend enough!


Daniela Pala

James was Amazing

Natalie is a wonderful, caring, passionate teacher. Her teachings come from her heart & flow beautifully. Highly recommend Yoga in Nature & her workshops! My first ever Reiki Drumming shower with James was amazing! I can’t wait to try a Reiki Drumming Journey one day soon. Being a Reiki Master myself I can’t recommend ReiKi with James highly enough. His passion for Reiki is tangible, with a strong practice & a clear understanding of energy, intuitive work…you will definitely be in good hands!


Victoria Flash

It was excellent!

I attended a Yin yoga workshop with Natalie. It was excellent, if you’re feeling stressed out, over worked and as though you’re always on the go this could be perfect the antidote. Natalie was superb, put the class at ease and made every pose accessible regardless of abilities and injuries. We all left with a guide to enable us to continue to practice at home. I can’t recommend highly enough.
Being totally new to Reiki, I had no idea what to expect from reiki drumming. James explained clearly and calmly to the class, and put us at ease about what to expect, but experience is king, and no words could have described the experience! The drumming greats vibrations that seem to seep into every pore and make you feel amazing, the whole class felt the same, it was so powerful. All I can say is, if you get a chance to go and see Natalie and James.


Jo Blake

Would highly recommend

As a complete beginner I was unsure of what to expect when I attended a Yin Yoga workshop with Yoga in Nature. Natalie completely set me at ease straight away and took away any nerves and feelings of being self conscious. Natalie is clearly knowledgeable and passionate about her field and communicated all the information we learned in a very clear, concise and confident way. The workshop catered for all different levels – some people being a bit more bendy than others! In honesty I got more out of it than I expected and I left feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and eager to learn more. My first introduction to reiki was a reiki drumming shower with James. James was so welcoming and spoke in a very calm, relaxed way making all the information easy to follow. James gave us an introduction to reiki and explained what he was going to do before working round the room with his drum. The experience was so relaxing, I felt like I drifted off to another place (without being asleep)! Afterwards I felt revitalised and had so much more energy. It was like someone her pressed the re-set button. Would highly recommend to anyone feeling a bit frazzled and worn out


Rachel Ison

Natalie is a wonderful Yoga teacher

Natalie is a wonderful yoga teacher, her classes are really calming, grounding and peaceful. I attended her 1 hour yin class and it was so peaceful and relaxing, I left feeling much calmer than when I arrived. I would highly recommend her classes.

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